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Famed guitarist and keyboardist of The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr., has gone solo again, and his upcoming new record has already scored him appearance spots for Lalapalooza and The Tonight Show. Hammond’s new album, Momentary Masters, which you can listen to the whole record for free HERE, shows the power of unique guitar work and incredibly deep songwriting. The borderline concept album has the overall theme of the wisdom that comes from the passage of time and how that can create a new appreciation of the merits of life… deep stuff, right? This is what Hammond says about the hook-driven record:

“You know how you hang out with someone and there’s things you wouldn’t tell people? You portray that one side which you find to be most attractive, but eventually, if you become close enough, you reveal another side,” explains Hammond Jr. “Most people want to push that away and pretend it doesn’t exist. As good a person as you are, there is also darkness, and if you don’t believe that, you’re just lying to yourself. To be complete, you need to integrate that into your life and accept it as a whole.”

Hammond’s music, while deep, is incredibly catchy, and Hammond shows his skill in the unique guitar style and lyrics cultivating in a virtuosity that only comes at the intersection of excellent musicianship and genuine musical originality. Don’t believe me? Well, you can watch him perform on the previously mentioned The Tonight Show on Monday, August 3rd.

The new album has a number of great tracks including ‘Losing Touch,’ ‘Born Slippy,’ and (my new favourite song title) ‘Side Boob.’ His first single, ‘Losing Touch,’ just released the music video, and the song is a great example of the skill of the overall album. Here is some more good news, Hammond will not be just shining bright on the Tonight Show stage, Hammond Jr will also be touring extensively and performing at Lollapalooza on Sunday, August 2, and kicking off an extensive North American tour on September 9th.

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