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“I believe that I often bring out the best in somebody’s talents.” -David Bowie on collaborating with other artists.

Those words would prove prophetic in a way I doubt Bowie was counting on. Turns out, Bowie’s music sounds damn near excellent coming out of the mouths of some of Dallas’ hottest local singers. Master of ceremonies Dezman Lehman, otherwise known as Dallas’ prince of pop Dezi 5, utilized his Tuesday weekly at Deep Ellum’s historic RBC to bring us an all-night rock-along featuring Bowie hit after Bowie hit by such acts as Zhora, Rat Rios, Lily Taylor, Poppy Xander, Justin Wade, and of course Dezi himself, who came on for the show stopper.

I covered Dezi 5 for the first time at his “Crucifixion on the Dancefloor” EP release at The Public Trust art gallery, after which I decided I would catch him live every opportunity I got. A soft spoken gentleman off stage, the script undeniably flips in front of an audience. He soon becomes a seasoned performer; his choreographed dance moves time perfectly with the notes he hits. Having had my fair share of substance experiences, I know very well the feeling of a dopamine rush. His performances invite you to get high on the rhythm and the vocals; his stage presence is equally as impressive as his voice. Dezi’s performances are so locally legendary, that they’ve been well covered by virtually every Dallas publication. It’s news to no one that he’s a fantastic live performer. In fact, here’s my comprehensive list of the three things everyone who lives in Dallas should immediately do:

1. Stop going to the Shops at Legacy if under 30.
2. Stop trying to open up after hours rave clubs.
3. Go see Dezi 5 perform live as soon as possible.

Rat Rios, another young up and coming local act with serious talent and a huge voice was also featured on the bill. Bowie’s pop music suits her range well, and the usually very static singer came alive and channeled a more dynamic aesthetic in her performance. A professional pet babysitter by day, Rat Rios has been making waves in the local music scene by night. You can catch her at a number of staple venues around town including Trees, Three Links, and Prophet Bar.

The artistic stylings of Zhora were featured in this very publication late last year when she debuted her second single “Rivers” at Off The Record in Deep Ellum. The single is now being remixed by the likes of Blue, The Misfit, and her status as a local artist-to-watch is quickly gaining momentum.

Sound Engineer and amateur photographer Sam Starr was present to capture, in actual film, the star studded lineup. At some point down the line, the black and white pictures he’s taken will be looked at in fond remembrance of a night that Dallas’ submission to the next wave of pop star superstardom in America got together to honor the Great David Bowie. The act, in its entirety, showcased our impressive collection of talented individuals that are about to be offered up as sacrifice to the Gods of commercial music success. They may not all make it, but David Bowie, smiling from above, is sure to throw his hat in the ring and help said deities decide who his successor will be.



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