Review by: Sarah Vardy
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Joss Stone’s new album “Water For Your Soul” is a deep and distilled album that denotes an epic, personal journey for the artist resonating as an overall celebration of being alive despite the ups and downs. The album denotes a true coming of age for Stone with a stripped down production, full of vibrancy, warmth and realism. Stone’s vocals are smooth as honey with a reggae and worldly twist to the musical trimmings bringing in spice and life to the songs. The tracks, though delightfully easy to drink in, carry deeper meanings that take the listener through a journey towards revelation. Its no wonder that the last title track “Water For Your Soul” is right there at the very end.

The first few tracks tell of love that has no future with lively musical elements making you feel like you’re somewhere on a beach in Jamaica with a tropical cocktail reflecting on why some love just doesn’t work out. Even if you pay no attention to the lyrics whatsoever there are enough infectious hooks for you to hum along and pay no heed why you enjoy a refreshing beverage. If you do take notice of the words, it’s hard to sully a soul sister who’s had her heart torn in two that takes it in her stride quite as sweetly as Stone. As the album progresses more of a sense of self-confidence emerges in the lyrics and harmonious accoutrements portraying a cavalcade, revolutionary energy. There are some neat drumbeats to get your hips shaking as you settle into the fun, kind-hearted, groove of the album.

Overall, Stone’s vocals have never sounded better. “Water For Your Soul” can easily accompany you if you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or having a beachside holiday. Whatever the case, it’ll liven your spirits and help you forget about your troubles for a while. A little mindfulness never hurt anyone right?

The studio album “Water For Your Soul” is officially available on Friday July the 31st released through S‐Curve Records and Stone’d Records.

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