Review by: Mac M.
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Video courtesy of CayFont (YouTube)

On a night we were all still trying to deal with losing another music legend Grace Potter decided to open her House of Blues Dallas set in honor of the Purple One with the original intro track to “Let’s Go Crazy”. Needless to say Dallas fans did exactly that in response!

Just prior to Grace taking the stage her opening act was Nashville based OJR (Oliver John- Rodgers) who delivered a blistering rock-roots inspired live set that had elements of punk, southern rock & country mixed in for good measure. His first time in Dallas or Texas for that matter, Rodgers shared multiple confessions while on stage. “I’m still looking forward to my first real Tex-Mex experience”, someone shouted out Rudy’s BBQ, and Rodgers replied “I’m a vegetarian”… which he quickly figured out was the wrong thing to say to a Texas crowd per the moans and boos. “I know, fuck me right” said Rodgers who quickly got the crowd back into a rock ‘n roll mode as he kicked off the next song.

After a well-timed set change the back line was in place and the house was ready for the free spirited roots-rocker from Vermont!

Only certain music artists are ever truly able to reach moments in their career where they lose all inhibitions about how they look while performing and yet still do it in style. Usually reserved for the legends like Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or even Prince. Grace has already found that zone each night on stage in a manner that somehow makes her even more attractive to men and women alike!

Grace and the band transitioned from the tribute intro directly into “Hot To The Touch” off her 2015 release “Midnight”. Along with a mixture of older songs like “Medicine”, “Stars” & “Paris (Ooh La La)” from the Grace Potter & the Nocturnals collection. Her second tribute to Prince came in the form of a cover of his 1986 hit “Kiss” from the album “Parade”.

Dallas came to see Grace Potter this night and got exactly what they were hoping for plus a reminder that we need to celebrate our creative legends even more than we grieve them.

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