Review by: Sarah Vardy
Photos by: Marcus Laws
Video Directed by Cameron J Smith

Jessie Frye’s new EP ‘Boys Club’ is a fun and enticing pop/punk/rock record fresh out of Denton. There’s so many awesome acts coming out of Denton it’s hard to keep up and Jessie Frye is no exception to the rule! The tracks come out hard and fast on this EP with rumbling pop-rock drums, crisp/clear guitars and Jessie Frye’s vocals that cut through the mix like a hot knife to rock and roll butter.

The first track ‘One In A Million’ is a bitter sweet, very catchy pop-punk tune. There’s some fetching little hooks off the chorus and overall it’s delivered in a first class fashion. There’s some cool little builds that perk up to the soaring chorus line ‘One In A Million’. It’s reminiscent of a more rock version of Tegan and Sara.

‘Big Bad Wolf’ punches in with some super radical overdriven guitars. The sugary chorus is a nice contrast to the verses that kick in with attitude. The drum rolls in this track are spectacular. Wicked production to boot too! Reminds me a bit of The Distillers.

‘Playing Dumb’ launches into the softer tracks from the EP, regaling tales of lovesick romance. Its still pretty punk rock though so don’t be fooled. The guitars have some nice phasing and depth to them. Definite potential for a teenage pop punk ballad. Similar almost to Avril Lavigne.

‘Your Girlfriend’ is also a slower track. I can imagine punk rockers slow dancing at a school dance to this one. It has a nice message of being in love and letting go of fear. Frye’s vocals are super smooth and inviting.

‘Tie My Love’ is another reflective song on the EP. It sounds a little like The Corrs to me through the verses. There’s definitely an early 90s feel to this one.

Overall Boys Club is a solid release from Frye and I’m sure it will be a meaningful soundtrack to many lovesick teenagers.

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  • Shelley Brouse says:

    Jessie has a one of a kind voice and her tenacity is like hot lava.

  • Sharon Mayeux says:

    Great review! Always love to hear what GoodBammShow has to say about Jessie Frye’s music! I can’t take the new album Boys Club out of my CD player for all the reasons this review talks about! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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