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Is it possible to feel nostalgic for my youth at age 25? Is nostalgia something inherently reserved for older generations, whose members long to return to their “prime?” If I’m in my prime now, what am I reaching out for in those moments?

I considered all of these questions underneath the dim, blue lights of House of Blues’ packed Cambridge Room. This was the second night breakthrough band LANY was playing the stage, and the nostalgia (or whatever it was) hit me like a stone from the beginning.

Maybe it was Paul Klein’s dreamy crooning about summertime in California, teenage love and the oh-so-confusing time of our lives when we don’t even know how to make sense of ourselves – three topics proven to get anyone wishing they could experience those firsts yet again.

Maybe it was the hundreds of fans crammed tightly toward the stage, reaching forward at any opportunity to touch something, anything, that could help them express all of these thoughts in a single, fleeting moment.

Maybe it was the closeness of all these souls together in one place to experience that same conundrum of feelings – how most people there were likely between 16 and 22, with crystallized eyes that really only reveal themselves when a person exudes spiritual authenticity.

And you know, maybe you’re thinking I’m reading a little too much into this. “It’s just a show, with a bunch of cute young guys making puppy eyes back to the pretty girls in the crowd,” I heard from the woman who scanned my ticket before the set. But no one can really deny the power of music to take people to a place never thought of before, and how a room full of teenagers or a twentysomething with a camera can feel nostalgic for their youths.

Certain bands have that power, and LANY may just be the closest portrayal of that feeling. It’s easy to see why they’ve skyrocketed to fame so quickly with endorsements from other musicians left and right. What else could sell out the same venue twice in a row, other than a true connection between musicians and their fans?

After all, isn’t that feeling of connectedness what we’re all looking for?

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