Review by: Nick Sanders
Photos by: Franklin Dale Williams Jr.

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“Coffee table books are really chic right now.” So says the court of public opinion; at least from what I overheard from several members of said court that were present at the Best Beards in Dallas live event on Saturday, January 9, 2016. Sundown @ Granada on low Greenville (the stretch of commerce squeezed between lower Greenville and upper Greenville) came alive for the evening to host Charley Crockett and Shotgun Friday, two local acts that were able to rock the house to pieces, as well as the official voting for Dallas’ stateliest facial hair, in spite of the background grumblings of ‘a really good Steelers game’. A bearded king was crowned and, paradoxically, shaving cream samples were heavy-handedly distributed.

Move over Justus, Dallas has a new it-child in the form of Charley Crockett’s ol’ blues-croonin’ self. Call him whatever trendy term you’d like: He’s the truth/dope/lit fam. I caught two songs of his at the Dallas Observer Music awards earlier in December and I immediately assumed just from his sound that he was from Louisiana. Turns out I was right, although he’s a Dallas resident currently; he told me in an exclusive after-show interview that he divides his time between the two states and has been promoting his latest album, A Stolen Jewel, all over America for some time. A true modern day gypsy-type, his story is as captivating as his live performances. He’s one to watch in 2016 and beyond.

Spoiler Alert: Kirk Thurmond of KT and The Millennials has been voted owner of the best beard in Dallas. And what domineering facial hair it is; though the competition was steep to say the least. Expert photographer Brent Baxter capitalized on the Beards of some of the most prominent male power-houses of the town to create the 21st century man’s ideal piece of literature. Few words, no lengthy descriptions or interviews; just who they are, what they do, and what their beautiful beards look like. And as I mentioned before, you too can show off your modernity with a copy for just $49.99. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Movember Foundation, an organization committed to helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives by funding more than 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

Not to be omitted is a note on the second band, Shotgun Friday’s eclectic lineup. A frontman of the group stood out as a sure-to-be one of a kind musician wielding a washboard with a small red cooking pot strapped to the side. He was surrounded by cymbals and provided unorthodox percussion for the band. Overall, their set was impressive. Their songs covered such lofty topics as Velvet Hammer, a local beer from the Peticolas brewery, and how they’d never buy beer from Wal-Mart again. Come to think of it, they sang about beer a lot. Their swingin’ sound invited listeners to grab hold of their belt buckles and two-step to the bar to grab their favorite barley pop.

Overall the event was a rounding success. Brent Baxter’s work should be praised, as should Amber LaFrance of CultureHype and Mac Mcintosh of GoodBAMMSho for their effort in supporting the event and pulling out all the stops for a great cause.

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