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Edmonton’s “jizz jazz” founding master Mac DeMarco is set to deliver his third album “Another One” Friday, August 7th.

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‘Yeah, at first it was just a funny thing to call my home studio. But once people starting calling me slacker wave or blue-fuck-vapour-shit, I was just like “Yeah, it’s jizz jazz!” and journalists ask me what the fuck it is and I’m like “well what the fuck are you talking about?” It’s just my journalism trick, I guess.” interview 8/20/14

This mini-LP collection of eight tracks includes the first single “The Way You’d Love Her” as the opener. Out of tune with a purpose the slide guitar riff on top of a really bad 80’s midi tone seems to compliment the repetitive lyrics and simple beats.

The title track “Another One” takes a stab at confused love with a laid-back ride and snare jazzy groove driving the single note keyboard melody with enough retro effect to make Casio consider bringing back the VL-Tone 1 from the dead.

Other tracks like “No Other Heart”, “Just To Put Me Down” and “A Heart Like Hers” churn up the cheese with a good lather of ear butter especially considering the pump organ feature on “A Heart Like Hers”.

The final three songs that round out the album “I’ve Been Waiting”, “Without Me” and “My House By The Water” make no apologies for the front side. Diving deeper into what could be mistaken as one of many forgettable 80’s cassette demos with a lot of tape drag.

As a secret bonus audio Easter egg Mac decided to announce his current home address at the 2:23 minute mark of the final song “My House By The Water” and invites people to “stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee”.

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