Review by: Sarah Vardy
Video directed by Collin M Palmer / Calmer
Photos courtesy of Artist

There’s an overwhelming sense of liberation, love and letting go to venture into the unknown in this cool new film clip for Moon Taxi’s Year Zero. The scene starts with a glass pyramid that a very attractive, beach couple find in the sand. The symbolism of light refraction and beauty is imminent throughout the video, echoing the idealistic and positive love lyricism of the track.

Geometry is always cool and this film clip uses it wisely. With pyrotechnic overlays of shapes, relaying the concept of what you see is what you get. In other words, if you dare to take notice of the weird glass pyramid you might set yourself free through love. The unerring vibe of Year Zero is to let go and dive deeply into the seas of love. The gnarly sea setting portrays this concept perfectly with picturesque breakers crooning in pink sunrays.

Dream catchers even make an appearance magnifying the message of embracing love and all its’ whimsy. Also of course, that it’s sometimes amazing to live through your dreams. There’s some awesomely fine cut aways to starry skies and outer space. The final pitch of the glass pyramid into the ocean punctuates the impression of being in love and letting go of fear, the endearingly present concept of the song. I mean, who hasn’t had a romp on the beach with someone before and felt like there was no one else around? I’m sorry that we all live in the middle of America…damn tempting, long drive away beaches!!!

Moon Taxi just keeps pitching deeper into the ethos of success. This song is extremely listenable and the film clip is beautifully crafted and directed. The video features astounding and permeating symbolism, precisely echoing the lyrical intent and vibe of Year Zero.

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