Feature by: Paul Whitten
Photos by: Colin Gray & courtesy of Artist

Remember that awesome music video ‘Typical’ everyone was talking about in the Mid-2000’s? It was a great alternative rock song further with this splendid music video where the song was played backwards? The band played all over the world including at Lollapalooza (twice!), and they had this impressive vintage rock sound and…. a keytar? That group was called MUTEMATH, and, after a brief hiatus, they’re back! Fans will remember their unique vintage, psychedelic, garage band sound that brought the band high selling records, excellent music videos, and even a Grammy nomination. With MUTEMATHS’s various teasing via VINE videos for the past few years, they finally have something to bring to the table and, rest assured, it’s going to ROCK.

The Veteran New Orleans Alternative Rock band is bringing a new album called VITALS and an excellent tour to assure them back into the musical realm! MUTEMATH, the only group to make a keytar cool, will bring their new album, Vitals, to the masses soon and it’ll bring the veteran alternative rock band back to familiar territory: Lollapalooza! They will be playing at the Lolla Aftershow at the Double Door in Chicago on July 30– I highly encourage you go! Their tour will kick off September 16th in Minneapolis and they plan on rocking the US until the end of October.

Their new single, Monument, will be out in a few weeks, and we can’t wait to see this veteran alternative rock band back on the scene. Tickets for their concerts go on sale on June 26th!




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