Review by: Sarah Vardy
Photos by: Max Schwertz

The third album ‘Vikings’ by New Politics delivers a fresh, vibrant, pop-punk sound full of energy. There’s a rebellious, youthful, delinquent vibe to the tracks that makes you want to jump around in your underwear on your bed – maybe with a pillow fight or two? The first couple of tracks Everywhere I Go and West End Kids brings to mind a bunch of teenagers busting up the streets of NYC, which is precisely what Denmark’s New Politics have been up to for the past few years living in a loft in Brooklyn. The third track Girl Crush features more references to Coney Island and evokes a wild, beachside bash packed with party favours. It is clear NYC has made an impact on these guys and vice versa. They’re definitely having a lot of fun and this comes through in these first few songs.

The fourth track Lovers In a Song has an Artic Monkeys feel to it as the tempo steps back a bit. It’s a good little breather song from the first few tunes that set a cracking pace, drawing you in. The love song has to hit somewhere and x marks the spot! The tempo gradually starts to build back up again by the end of the next track 15 Dreams. The tempo doesn’t let up again til the pop-ballad Stardust that features some pretty radical synthesisers. The album ends with a bang with the somewhat punk, very party friendly tune Strings Attached.

New Politics deliver some awesome, catchy hooks throughout the album. ‘Vikings’ overall is a fun-filled voyage that has immense radio potential. Their 2013 hit Harlem threw these boys into the charts. It wouldn’t be a surprise if ‘Vikings’ reaps these dudes from Denmark more chart toppers. If you don’t mind a little partying in your underpants with your headphones on listening to pop punk with a Euro twist you probably should get your mittens on this record. ‘Vikings’ is officially released on Friday the 14th of August.

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