Review by: Mac M.
Photos by: Brent Baxter Photography
Video courtesy of Oaktopia Fest

Denton is mostly known as a college town or that smaller town north of DFW. The local music scene on the other hand is arguably an equal match if not better than their neighboring D or FW counterparts depending on who you ask!

Oaktopia added to that discussion in a big way this past weekend. New found awesome venues like Harvest House impressed many North Texans discovering it for the first time. Our crew included. Dan’s Silverleaf was the perfect venue for catching acts like Will Johnson, Birds of Night and Exit 380 which we did this night!

Walking up and down Hickory Street added a lot to the experience taking in all the colorful businesses just off the Denton Square.

Oh and running into and meeting actor/producer/director/pro skateboarder and Dentionite Jason Lee didn’t suck either. Really nice guy out taking in the festival with his family. Obviously we didn’t ask to or just take a photo. Not trying to be that guy or blog.

Mainstage action was solid too. We caught Thundercat for the first time in all his 6 string free form madness. Polyphonic Spree delivered a stellar set of favorites that wrapped with their insanely dope cover of Lithium. Danny Masterson aka: DJ MOM JEANS gave a strong set despite technical issues with his mixer and total lack of stage lighting. Minus the Bear absolutely killed the stage & crowd with zero survivors.

We wrapped our Oaktopia experience in the most fitting way possible in our minds. Jessie Frye in all her superhero/war paint glory thrashed the stage at Harvest House with the fans of Oaktopia in full support!

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