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Photos & Video by: Brent Baxter Photography

After two successful releases under their belt, Dallas-based folk band Parallel Play is excited to announce the release of the first single “Bucket of Lies” off their third EP Bucket of Lies, today.

“This EP’s like making comfort food at 120 beats per minute,” lyricist, lead vocals and guitar Jeremy Drake said. “The smell of a home cooked meal distracts you from all of the banging and clanging going on. By the time you realize we wrecked your kitchen, you’ll be belly out in a food coma. Bucket of Lies is Parallel Play’s first political song, but like every other Parallel Play song, it goes negative in the happiest way possible. I will likely write more political songs down the road, because I had a lot of hate to fit in three and a half minutes.”

“Bucket of Lies is from the perspective of the dwindling middle class who’s constantly pandered to for votes. We feverishly blitz through topics like campaign finance, the two party system, abortion and using religion as leverage. We then mix those topics with how politicians say one thing to get elected and another thing once elected.”

“You would think with our ability to fact check that there would be more concern from politicians to get information right. I suppose being right doesn’t pay well.” – Jeremy Drake of Parallel Play

Parallel Play (EP Release + Show) is taking place Saturday, March 5 at Sundown at Granada in Dallas. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door. Their EP will be available for purchase on Tuesday, March 1.

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