Review by: Taylor Prater
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Frenzy. That’s what first comes to mind when listening to Teen Daze’s new album Morning World, recorded in just 6 days and mixed in only 4.

But I literally mean “frenzy.” The album’s opener, Valley of Gardens, bursts in with a flurry of violins culminating into a 10-second drop into soft guitar and melancholy harmonies. One can’t help but feel transported into a literal garden upon listening, floating eternally away.

But just as you’re floating, you’re brought back to reality with Pink, transforming your perceptions of the world with catchy electric guitar beneath layered vocals (with electronic interruptions at the midpoint to remind you of your origins).

In fact, you can count on some positively jarring intros to each song on the track, punctuated by It Starts at the Water, which brings you back to that floating abyss with a lone acapella voice. You aren’t left in that comfort zone for long, though, before they inject you with another melodic twist. Post Storm, the following track, immerses you in instrumentals for 4 minutes before introducing vocals — “Where does life go when it’s done?”

Anyone else feeling existential?

Everything starts to pick up with Life in the Sea, when you feel transported into a surreal movie where the protagonist is finding his life’s purpose. Do I belong with the sea? Do I belong in space? What does Teen Daze have in store for me now? One thing’s for sure, life’s starting to look up.

You’re hit by the nostalgia with Garden Grove and Along, before feeling the certainty of Infinity’s horn-like synths pulling you back down to Earth. No matter that the lyrics beg “let me stay a little longer” — the end is nigh, and there’s only one track left. Good Night resolves our journey in a satisfying lullaby, leaving us reaching to start the journey all over again.

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