Review by: Christina Burch
Feature photo courtesy of Lee Cherry
Gallery photos by: Kristine Krieger

It was Friday night (October 16, 2015) at the Cannery Ballroom, a prominent Nashville music venue, and the room is quickly filling up with people anxiously anticipating the acts of the night. The night kicks off with England-bred, New York-based, singer/songwriter Greg Holden. Holden made his first appearance in the music scene by co-penning the hit song “Home,” made famous by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Just as I situated myself into the ideal spot in the audience, the sultry, alt-pop/folk singer hit the stage and mesmerized the audience with his purpose-driven songs, full of passion. His set included crowd favorites such as “Hold On Tight,” “Home” and his current hit single “Boys In The Street.”

After a slight intermission, 4-piece soulful rock band, Vintage Trouble entered the room and the atmosphere was electric. The band kicked the night off with “Heavy Days” and the infectious energy from the entire band, consisting of Ty Taylor (vocals), Nalle Colt (guitar), Richard Danielson (drums) and Rick Barrio Dill (bass), instantly got the crowd moving and dancing along to the beat. Vintage Trouble has a timeless sound, a fusion of rock n’ roll and old school soul and blues, that folks young and old can enjoy. Front-man Ty Taylor has this undeniable charisma and stage presence that is so captivating you cannot take your eyes away from him – a modern-day James Brown, if you will. I was over the moon with the band’s live renditions of personal favorites like “Angel City, California,” “Another Man’s Words” and “Run Like The River.” The night ended with a two-song encore of “Soul Serenity” and “Pelvis Pusher,” that left the crowd yearning for more. Vintage Trouble, along with fellow musicians like Alabama Shakes and Leon Bridges, are pushing the genre barriers with their modern vintage sound and, in the simplest terms, GOOD music that will be well-received by fans for generations to come. I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting the next time I can experience their electrifying stage presence and live performance with music that truly speaks to the soul.

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